アルファロメオ 1600 ジュニア Z

POA (税込).

POA (税込)
年式 走行距離 車検 排気量
1973 令和4年6月 1600
km 年月 cc
ボディカラー アルジェント ハンドル LHD サイズ 3970 x 1470 x 1220 mm
内装 ネロ 最高出力 乗車定員 2人
ミッション 5MT      
年式 走行距離 車検 排気量
1973 令和4年6月 1600
km 年月 cc
ボディカラー アルジェント
内装 ネロ
ミッション 5MT
ハンドル LHD
サイズ 3970 x 1470 x 1220 mm
乗車定員 2人

1973年式 アルファロメオ 1600 ジュニアZ



This is a Junior Z that we sold 3 years ago as a Garage-Italya classiche car. The car was fully restored in Italy in the past. After the importation, the car has been repaired in detail. The main work includes: reupholstering of the leather after removal of the dashboard, reupholstering of the sun visors, removal and staining of the floor carpets, correction and re-chroming of the front bumper, correction of 4 wheels, replacement of 4 tyres (balancing), correction of the front wings and back panel, correction of the seat operation, replacement of the battery. The car has been kept in good condition by replacing the battery, oil, grease and consumables.


Carrozzeria Zagato of Milan was responsible for the body design, which is a perfect blend of straight lines and curved surfaces, with a large glass area, a Plexiglas front grille and a coda tronca cut off at the rear. The dash panel, centre console and seats were designed exclusively for the Junior Z. The rear hatchback can be opened and closed by an electric motor and is ventilated. 1108 1300cc cars and 402 1600cc cars were produced. The wheels and floor carpets are genuine and both are hard to find nowadays. It also comes with a valuable instruction manual.